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Meniere’s disease is defined as a disorder of the inner ear. It can lead to vertigo, which is a sensation of feeling dizzy and off-balance, and you may even feel like you or the room you are in are spinning. It can also lead to hearing loss or the sensation of ringing in the ear, which may only affect one ear. Unfortunately, it is a chronic condition without a cure. However, here are several treatments that can be tried to help alleviate symptoms and reduce the negative impact on your life.

Some people with Manière’s disease find that certain events and situations can trigger their vertigo attacks. These triggers can include fatigue, stress whether due to work or family life, overwork and insufficient sleep. Certain foods, especially too much salt in one’s diet and becoming ill with another illness can also trigger vertigo attacks.

● Loss of balance
● Vertigo attacks which can last anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours and sometimes cause nausea and vomiting
● Loss of hearing in the affected ear or fluctuations in hearing
● Tinnitus, or the sensation of ringing, in the affected ear
● Feeling that the ear is full or plugged (aural fullness)
● Headaches

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Diagnosing and Managing Life with Meniere’s Disease

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