The lying on the floor with a racing heart and terrifying pressure on her chest started in early childhood, somewhere around the age of eight. Her parents were scared and took her to a cardiologist who ran many tests.  Her family breathed a sigh of relief when the cardiologist’s said everything was fine, but that did nothing to stop young Samantha’s severe social anxiety. It wasn’t until college that she would learn that there was a name for what she was experiencing; panic attacks due to severe social anxiety. In adulthood, Samantha left no stone unturned in learning to manage the anxiety. Today at age 27 with a combination of medication, therapy, yoga (with many headstands), exercise and mindfulness, Samantha has learned to overcome and has become a successful engineer, artist and innovator.

Samantha and her Social Anxiety Part I

Samantha and her Social Anxiety Part II: Overcoming